Dracoe is our studio apprentice/junior artist! Not only is he studying to become a fantastic tattoo artist, he
also answers our phone and books our consultations – pop down to Harry Flashmans and
say hello!


Best tattoo you have ever seen?

A lot of the large back pieces from Japanese artists of subjects like an oni demon’s face or a ‘battle royale’

Worst tattoo you have ever seen?

Most definitely anything that is spelt incorrectly or faces the wrong way as it is the biggest tattooing sin which artists somehow still do.

What are your pet hates?

People who put on a front or play a character that isn’t themselves either to impress or fit in with others. That, and the unholy creation that is wasps!

What are your pet likes?

Contrasting with the previous statement, I love anyone whose character is their own and stays true to themselves. I also love to learn from others about anything from music to film as I’m a very open minded person.

Why do you want to be a tattoo artist?

I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in the creative industry with fine art being the driving force, but after studying and practicing in this industry for around 4 years I found a passion for tattooing and it’s movements which led me to work toward this as a career.

The Basement
91, High Street