Heather is our tattoo apprentice. She has a background in fine art, particularly in portraits and animals. Along with learning to become a tattoo artist, she also answers your emails and phone calls, making sure our bookings are running smoothly!


Best tattoo you have ever seen?

I am drawn to a range of different styles, being someone that can appreciate all styles of art. However, I’ve always been particularly impressed by realism tattoos.

Worst tattoo you have ever seen?

Anything offensive or spelt wrong – usually the ones people end up regretting.

What are your pet hates?

My biggest pet hate would have to be arrogance/ anyone with an obnoxious attitude of superiority. The bus service is also pretty aggravating.

What are your pet likes?

Being a creative person, drawing and doodling is something I always love to do. I also love gaming, spending time with friends/ family and I adore my cats.

Why do you want to become a tattoo artist?

Sharing my creativity with people is something I realised a love for when I started creating commissioned portraits for people during my time studying fine art. The idea of being able to create a piece of art so personal to someone in such a permanent way is something that I’d be honoured for someone to trust me with and why I decided to pursue this as a career.


Amazing, chill, and respectful! 

Ariya, Essex

”She did a rose on my arm and she was very good and lovely to talk to! She did an amazing job!”



She’s going places!

Mia, Essex

”Heather not only gave me an amazing tattoo, she was also the one who responded to my email, I spoke to on the phone, and greeted me when I arrived!”


She made the process easy!

Lewis, Essex

”I was nervous getting my first tattoo and not knowing what to expect but Heather walked me through the whole process and made me feel at ease.

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