Kate is our Studio Owner and makes sure customers are
happy as well as running all the back-end parts to the business!
She is also a qualified SMP Technician and one of our qualified Piercers!

Yep, that’s one busy lady!


Best tattoo you have ever seen?

Hard question! I appreciate so many different styles (even if I wouldn’t personally have
them on myself). Right now, I’m getting a major kick out of black-work!

Worst tattoo you have ever seen?

I religiously follow @suckytattoos on Instagram – really, anything on there!! Go take a
look (you’re welcome in advance)!

What are your pet hates?

People who complain about something but don’t do anything to change it.

What are your pet likes?

Playing in bands, visiting my childhood home in America, coffee, chocolate, doggos!

Why do you want to be a tattoo artist?

I have been creative since I was a kid. The best satisfaction I get is seeing an idea in my head actually turn into something! It’s taking nothing and turning it into something that does it for me.


I was the worst customer, ever! 

David, London

”Thanks to Kate for helping me re-arrange my appointment on three separate occasions with no drama’s. She is in angel!”



Total professional and super-hot as well!

Tomo, Kent

”Popped into Flashmans and was met by Kate who not only looked hot but was super helpful with my design!!”


Helped, me, my sisters and best friend get booked in for the same tattoo

Sarah, Essex

”Kate did a brilliant job in getting us girls all booked in for the same tattoo on my birthday, they
even gave me a bottle of Prosecco as a birthday gift – highly recommend them. ”

The Basement
91, High Street