Kevin is one of our talented artists! He loves the little bangers and anything with nice, crisp linework. He’s always up for a challenge so give us a call!


Best tattoo you have ever seen?

Any tattoo that covers the side of the body. For example, a snake travelling from the
underarm and down the leg!

Worst tattoo you have ever seen?

Any pornographic tattoos that can’t be shown anyway!

What are your pet hates?

Badly finished tattoos by very established artists. I always think, “How did you get where you are?!”

What are your pet likes?

Beautifully detailed dotwork patterns and also large scriptwork.

If you weren’t a tattoo artist, what would you be?

A graphic designer working in retail.

What’s the best thing about being a tattoo artist?

Not being a graphic designer working in retail, and, once again, have a passion for my job!


Thank you Kevin , I love my tattoo

Alisha, Essex

”Thank you Kevin , I love my tattoo x it means so much to me x you made me feel very
comfortable, and it didn’t hurt !!!!! Now what do I have next? Xxx”


He drew it up from memory

Louise, Stock, Essex

”Kevin did a cover-up for me last week, and I love it! He drew it up from memory, and it looks
amazing. He kept me smiling throughout, and I’ll definitely be going back for my next one!”


Really nervous but Kevin did a great job

Eleanora, Chelmsford, Essex 

”Today was my first tattoo ever, I was really nervous but Kevin did a great job on my tattoo, made
me feel at ease and glad I did it! Thank you so much! Ps thank you for my coffee, it was just what I needed:)”

The Basement
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