Learn more about the talented Lucy, an experienced tattoo artist who continues to astound our customers with her creative concepts and keen eye for detail.


Best tattoo you have ever seen?

An Eeveelution Sternum Tattoo from Instagram artist @lauraanunnaki,  Her colourwork is so good and clean!!

Worst tattoo you have ever seen?

I’ve seen quite a few bad ones but the worst being an entire blackwork tattoo of a shirt so that the guy “wouldn’t have to bother putting an actual one on” Lazy Levels off the charts.

What are your pet hates?

Loud and excessive breathing and chewing, Animal Cruelty, Seagulls.. that’s a tough one to explain.

What are your pet likes?

Pokémon cards and games, Overwatch, League of Legends,  Marvel and Studio Ghibli. Plushies!!

If you weren’t a tattoo artist, what would you be?

Two very different genres. A 2D Studio Animator or A Biomedical Engineer

What’s the best thing about being a tattoo artist?

Some people get tattoos that really mean a lot to them emotionally and helping make someone’s memory into an art form they can keep for life really pulls me right in the heartstrings


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