Learn more about the likes, dislikes and leading influences of our tattoo artists in Chelmsford, Essex.


I kinda got into tattooing by chance, after meeting a top tattooist from Hong Kong while at Art College in London. Later, I went on to work under him and then with him in Hong Kong and at some UK conventions. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in several studios both in London and my hometown of Liverpool.

For me, tattooing is about detail, precision and realism.

Influences: Carlos Torres, Jason Butcher, Khan and Paul Acker to name a few.

Dislikes: Old school, traditional and tribal designs (I just don’t get it!) and customers who don’t turn up!

Loves: Black and grey, realism, rock and horror and, of course, coffee!


I never really planned on getting into tattooing, it just happened. I was getting tattoed by an artist in London and was curious about the industry and the techniques needed to develop art onto the skin. I then began tattooing myself with the guidance of my mentor and have been tattooing 8 years since. What I like about tattooing is that you cannot wash it off!

Influences: Mike Judge, John K

Dislikes: Typical ‘first time’ tattoos, offensive tattoos, celery

Loves: Anything where I can be creative with lots of colours or black and grey depending on the price, just give me free rein on your skin and I will create something epic!


I wasn’t a naturally gifted artist and I got into the industry from knowing the right people, I managed to get an apprenticeship but I had to teach myself to draw by watching videos and learning from the people around me.
I then got to a stage where I was drawing realistic portraits and haven’t looked back since I began with small simple tattoos and now I have found a style that I love tattooing which is black and grey realism and portraits, but I’m not done yet I’m always going to find ways to improve my artwork and push the boundaries. I’m happy to have people around me and within the industry that I can listen to and learn from as nobody knows everything and we can all learn no matter how experienced.

For me, tattooing is about detail, precision and realism.

Influences: Savage Dax, Oliver Ayre, Aron Cowles

Dislikes: Plain blackwork, old school tribal, and Colourwork

Loves: Love tattooing black and grey, realism portraits, realistic rose pieces and iconic celebrity


Art was always my favourite subject growing up & throughout school so I continued it into college & studied fine art. I got hooked on the idea of becoming a tattooist from watching LA ink on tv when I was younger, even looking into other careers it was always the one I was captivated by.
My uncle brought me my first tattoo machine & a ton of fake skins safe to say he was overly excited I wanted to become a tattooist (with strict instructions to only practice on the fake skins). Not long after that I got my first apprenticeship & didn’t look back.
I am so grateful I have met so many amazing people since starting my career who have allowed & trusted me to put my art on them which I will be forever thankful for.I feel with tattooing you can only learn & improve with every tattoo you do.

Influences: Tritoan Ly, Tiny Miss Becca & Kelsey Ellis

Dislikes: Tribal tattoos & trash polka. I have nothing against either but just not for me, I prefer a more delicate touch

Loves: ANYTHING floral, If it has flowers in it I am obsessed! Also, love mandalas & anything with a cute animal involved


I grew up around tattoos and the art of putting ink to the skin. I never really took to the thought of doing it myself until I was in college! I’d always loved drawing (and drawing on myself!!) and the idea of being able to display art on someone else’s body for life sounded amazing. I continued to improve my art and later started doing apprenticeships, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else now!

Influences: KarleesSabrina , Wes Tyler, Jason Butcher, Karolina Szymańska

Dislikes: Japanese style tattoos, Late customers (or no shows!) “Trendy” Tattoos

Loves: Illustrative work, Cartoon or Anime tattoos, Neo-traditional and lots of caffeine!

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