Learn more about the likes, dislikes and leading influences of our tattoo artists in Chelmsford, Essex.


I kinda got into tattooing by chance, after meeting a top tattooist from Hong Kong while at Art College in London. Later, I went on to work under him and then with him in Hong Kong and at some UK conventions. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in several studios both in London and my hometown of Liverpool.

For me, tattooing is about detail, precision and realism.

Influences: Carlos Torres, Jason Butcher, Khan and Paul Acker to name a few.

Can’t stand: Old school, traditional and tribal designs (I just don’t get it!) and customers who don’t turn up!

Loves: Black and grey, realism, rock and horror and, of course, coffee!


I never really planned on getting into tattoing, it just happened. I was getting tattoed by an artist in London and was curious abut the industry and the techniques needed to develop art onto the skin. I then began tattoing myself with the guidance of my mentor and have been tattoing 8 years since. What I like about tattoing is that you cannot wash it off!

Influences: Mike Judge, John K

Dislike: Typical ‘first time’ tattoos, offensive tattoos, celery

Loves: Garlic and salt. Lots of it!

Top 3 dinner guests: Cher, Fidel Castro, Napolean Dynamite, A Michelin Star Chef.


I grew up in a very artistic family; I have always been around body art, and it’s been a passion of mine from a young age. After achieving my Art Diploma I explored various different ways of getting onto the art scene, but after my dad pulled out some of my old tattoo ‘designs’ from when I was just 7 years ago, I came to realise that the best canvas for me is skin. I was welcomed into the Flashmans’s family in February 2017 and gained my licence to tattoo in October 2017.

I strongly believe that in this industry you are always learning. I’m aiming to better my skills in black and grey/colour realism, fusing these styles wherever I can with dotwork, all the while receiving amazing support from my customers and my team. 

Influences: Kelly Violet, Nikko Hurtado, Sam Butler, Michael Taguet and Matteo Pasqualin. Artists, who’s qualities I hope to bring into my work.

Dislikes: Partners name tattooed, Tribal, Mash, cotton wool, bananas.

Loves: Greggs, sweets, Redbull and Rockstar.