Yolanda is one of our talented artists! She loves realism and portraits, but is versed in all styles! She’s always up for making your vision become a reality!


Best tattoo you have ever seen? 

I can’t choose – I have seen a lot of amazing tattoos in my life!  

Worst tattoo you have ever seen?  

I have also seen a lot of bad ones! But one day I saw a guy walking on the street with a sunglasses tattooed around his eyes – it was really funny! Another one I saw was a man with 6 cat nipples tattooed on his belly…  

What are your pet hates?  

Well, I don’t like people who judge others without really knowing them. Appearance can be very deceiving.  

What are your pet likes?  

I really like drawing, the beach, cooking and all this accompanied by music if possible.  

If you weren’t a tattoo artist, what would you be?  

Before becoming a tattoo artist, I was working in the world of video games, but not for long. Maybe I would have been concept artist. I also like the idea of designing clothes and interiors, too.  

What’s the best thing about being a tattoo artist?  

My work is drawing! I’ve been drawing all my life, and I can’t imagine working in something where I’m not being creative. Also, the travel! I like to visit different places and cultures and meet great artists around the world.


She’s a true artist! 

Simon, Essex

”This is my 6th tattoo with her and I can’t recommend her enough!!!



She is super talented!!

Kelly, Essex

”I spent 7 hours with the gorgeous Yolanda. She did an amazingly beautiful back piece for me. I love it and would highly recommend her!”


I have already booked my next tattoo!

Ross, Essex

”I had a fantastic tattoo designed and tattooed by Yolanda. Absolutely love the tattoo. Brilliant tattoo, great service, extremely friendly.

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